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Photo Browsing Made Easy For Windows Phone 7 Through Fotobank

Fotobank for Windows Phone 7 is a pretty simple but useful app that allows you to search through images based on categories or keywords. Usually when you use a search engine to look for photos, there are a lot of unrelated pictures shown in the search results. Some deviate too much from the topic you are searching, while some might not be photos at all but paintings or animated images, and if you specifically want photos, this could be quite frustrating. To resolve all such issues, Fotobank is here exclusively for WP7 users!

Fotobank HomeFotobank CategoriesFotobank Inside Category

As soon as you boot up Fotobank it’s homepage is displayed, showing the categories you can browse. There are a total of 12 categories for now, but luckily, they cover almost everything you might search for. The variety of images vary from Landscapes to Arts, and from Wildlife to Buildings. Simply tap any category and you will be able to see all the images filed under it. From the displayed list choose any image and it will be enlarged for your viewing. Like what you see? Hit the save button at the bottom of each picture, and that picture will be copied to your Picture hub’s saved images.

Fotobank Keyword SearchFotobank Photo Save

If you don’t want to browse through a whole category looking for a specific photo, simply go to the search box provided on the homepage and key in a search term. You will have a comprehensive list of photos generated through combining results from multiple categories.

The app might sound a little too simple, but it is pretty useful. Add to that a good, clean interface and zero cost, and Fotobank becomes an app worth trying.

Download Fotobank For Windows Phone

[via WP Central]

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