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Photo Enhancer: Hide Photos In Any iOS Album & Reorder Camera Roll [Cydia]

Apple maintains a pretty tight control over almost all areas of iOS, specially if you don’t have access to the Cydia store. One thing which has always bugged a lot of users about iPhone is the way it handles photos. In very old versions of iOS, it was not even possible to delete albums without using iTunes, and then there were all those Photo Stream horror stories. When you look closely, however, it is evident that the problems encountered by the Photos app in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be resolved with only a few minor changes, and those changes are just the thing Photo Enhancer brings to jailbroken iDevices. Using this fresh tweak, you will be able to do two things; first, Photo Enhancer gives users complete control over the way albums appear in the stock Photos app, and you can even change the position of Camera Roll. The second, and more important feature the tweak brings to the Photos app, is the Hide button, which will let you hide all the photos in all the albums.

Photo Enhancer Move Photo Enhancer Hide

After you have installed Photo Enhancer, it will make changes to the Photos app automatically, without any intervention from the user. To see the tweak in action, go to the Photos app, and hit the Edit button in the top right corner of the app. This will allow you to reorder the albums present in Photos, even the Camera Roll, which is untouchable normally (still not possible to delete the Camera Roll). The other feature on offer is the Hide button in the top left corner. As soon as you hit that button, the photos inside all the albums will become invisible. When you enter the album,  only the count of photos and videos inside it will show up. This is, by no means, a permanent security measure, as anyone can go back to the main screen of Photos and hit the Show button, but it’s still enough to ward off that nosy uncle or cousin that you may have.

Photo Enhancer has a third feature as well, although it is still in its beta testing phase. That feature can be found in the tweak’s menu, present in the stock Settings app. If you toggle it on, and kill the Photos app from the App Switcher tray, no album or photo will appear in the app. This is a pretty good feature, and enough to fool most people. Although we noticed that after that feature was turned on, the albums did not appear correctly even after the Show button has been hit. For a free tweak, Photo Enhancer sure is a useful one, and you can grab it by heading to the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store.


  1. I use LEO Privacy to hide images and photos on my phone. I can hide anything. I really loved this app alot. Thank you Leomaster for making LEO Privacy Guard :-). I highly recommend everyone to install this app if they are required to hide something.

    • yes, It is really amazing. If someone tries to open app but enters wrong password, the app capture his photo. I think its safe to leave my cell phone anywhere in the house even when my boyfriend is around.

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