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Photo Timeline Displays Your WP7 Photos On A Map & Calendar

Apparently, the term “timeline” is a favorite among everyone these days. There used to be just a Twitter timeline previously, until Facebook adopted the idea as well. To be honest, arranging your online life in a chronological order does give things a more ordered and neat look, and maybe that’s why the idea has caught on with considerable success. Photo Timeline is an app for Windows Phone 7 that brings essentially the same concept to a much more basic level. The app arranges all the photos in the camera roll of your WP7 device according to the time they were snapped on. In Photo Timeline, each active day has its own slot, with all its photos stacked against it. The app also has menus to let you view your photos on its calendar, or on a map integrated within the app.

Photo Timeline Photo Timeline Date

Photo Timeline pulls all your photos when you launch it for the first time, so it might take some time to get going properly. This delay, however, is only for the initial launch, and afterwards, everything runs pretty smooth. Once the photos are in your timeline, they will be displayed from newest to oldest. There are separate sections for each month, and the subsections under them list the dates of that month on which the pictures were snapped. One or more pictures can be shown against a date, and you can scroll through a date’s photos horizontally. Tapping any of the photos in the timeline will take you to that date, and you can see the exact time at which the photo was shot, along with the details of the camera that captured it. If there are other photos present for the same date, you can view them by swiping through the screens. The slider above the photo in a timeline represents the time of the day when the picture was taken.

Photo Timeline Calendar Photo Timeline Map

While that’s it for the timeline part of Photo Timeline, the app itself does much more than that. In the Calendar menu, you can view any month, and the thumbnails of photos snapped on corresponding dates of the month will be visible. Any photo on the calendar can be enlarged with a single tap, which will take you to the same photo viewer as the timeline. Last, but not the least, is the Map menu, which displays the exact locations where the pictures in your Mango phone were snapped. However, in a measure that seems a bit overcautious, you have to manually allow the app to access your current location from the Settings menu of the app. You just have to do that once, and Photo Timeline will let you see your photos on its map after that. Tapping any of the pinpoints marking the photos will bring up their thumbnails.

Photo Timeline is a free app, and there are no ads, so do give it a try, and you just might love it.

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