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PhotoBox!: View, Batch Download/Upload & Untag Yourself From Facebook Photos [Android, iOS]

All the usual gripes of Android users regarding the annoyingly slow official Facebook app aside, the app is currently missing the option to un-tag yourself from any photo. Enter PhotoBox! – a comprehensive Facebook photos explorer for Android and iOS devices that claims to be the very first solution to the problem. Initially exclusive to the iTunes App Store, PhotoBox! for Android is now available in the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can browse through, like and comment on your Facebook photos uploaded by friends and pages that you’ve liked, upload and download photos in bulk, and apply filters to them. The app also lets you search across the network for photos by album or friend name.


Quite obviously, PhotoBox! requires access to your Facebook account. The app’s homescreen presents you with as many as four different tabs that help you explore all the photos shared on Facebook in multiple ways. Using the My Photos tab, you can explore all your own Facebook photo albums, Wall photos, cover photos, and all the photos that have you tagged.

The My Likes tab lets you browse photos uploaded by pages that you’ve liked on Facebook. Selecting an item from this list displays all the photos contained within that particular page.

As its name suggests, the Friends Photos tab lets you explore all the photos and photo albums shared by your Facebook friends (provided they were public or you were included in the list of people allowed to view them). In addition, you can also view all photos that have your friends tagged. The cloud button present at the right side of each album lets you download all included pictures with a single tap. All the photos and albums downloaded from within the app can be found under the Saved Photos tab.


To enable batch select mode while within an album, tap the button in the top-right corner of the screen. Doing so will allow you to download selective or all photos at once. Tapping a photo’s thumbnail displays it in full-screen. While in full-screen, you can tap anywhere on the photo to reveal filters, included tags, as well as the Like, Share, Tag, Untag and comments button. Using the button at the top, you can download that particular photo to your device, and/or hide all the tags/description attached to it.


Now to the uploading part. Tapping the camera button in the top-left corner of the app’s main interface, you can snap a fresh image, pick one from your device’s gallery, or choose multiple photos from within the app’s native file explorer for batch upload.


The app might, at times, feel a tad slow while fetching content from Facebook, but other than that, it works like a charm.

Download PhotoBox! for Android

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