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PhotoCircle Allows Real-Time Photo Sharing Within Private Groups [Android]

PhotoCircle is an innovative, cross-platform, real-time photo-sharing app for Android and iOS-powered devices. Initially available only in the iTunes App Store, the app has just made its way onto the Android platform. The purpose of PhotoCircle is simple yet fascinating; it lets you create a circle (virtual network) in which you can add as many friends (other PhotoCircle users) as you like, with whom you wish to privately share your photos in real-time (over WiFi/3G/4G). In the same manner, you may join an existing circle to view all photos therein and share your own. The best thing about PhotoCircle is that there is no restriction on the number of different circles that can be created, or the number of friends that can be added to an individual circle. Content sharing across the devices of all the participants is ultra-quick, and you don’t even need to manually refresh the photo albums to look for updated content, as it all happens automatically and instantaneously. Privacy is a non issue, since each circle is accessible by authorized members only.


Upon launch, the app prompts you to log in using your existing PhotoCircle or Facebook ID. First time app users can register for a new PhotoCircle account from within the app for free. Once logged in, all you need to do is to join an existing circle or start a new one yourself. Should you opt to start a new circle, just specify its title, and let your friends join in. The app supports automatically detecting and listing all other active PhotoCircle users in your proximity. To add a user to the circle, just tap their profile name.


This will pair the invitee’s device with yours, so you can easily share photos from your respective devices with each other. In case your device is not detected automatically, you can join a circle by providing the correct 6-digit PIN, as displayed on the screen of the host/inviting user. Each newly created PIN remains accessible for a limited time period (24 hours), after which the invitee is automatically logged out of the circle.

The app’s homescreen lists all the active circles that you’ve currently joined. Alongside each circle, you can also see the total number of active participants and the photos that have been shared therein. To enter a circle, just tap its tile. To share photos with others, tap the camera button at the bottom. You can snap and share a fresh image, or pick one from your device’s gallery. New participants can be added to an active circle anytime you like. Similarly, you can kick a user from the circle whenever you want to, should the circle be yours. As mentioned earlier, every photo uploaded by one member is instantly shared across the devices of all other members in the circle. Oddly enough, the app doesn’t seem to support image downloading, which means that as soon as you leave a circle (or are kicked out of it), all the shared photos are deleted, too.


While within a circle, you can view thumbnails of all the shared photos on a grid. Tapping a thumbnail displays the photo in full-screen, along with the time of sharing, and the option to share the photo via another compatible app. As long as you stay hooked to a circle, the app keeps you apprised of all the newly added photos via notification alerts. To leave a circle, tap Menu > Leave Circle, whereas to log out of the app, tap Menu > Logout from the app’s main interface.

All in all, a simple, safe and instantaneous way of aggregating memorable photos from all your friends and family members who’re scattered in various corners of the world. The video provided below perfectly portrays the app’s working on various devices.

Download PhotoCircle For Android

Download PhotoCircle For iPhone, iPad & iPod touch


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