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Edit & Add Filters To Images From Within Your iPhone’s Stock Photos App With PhotoEdit

PhotoEdit is a really useful tweak for jailbroken iOS devices (running iOS 4 or above) which adds a feature expected to be rolled out with iOS 5. With PhotoEdit installed on your iDevice, you can make minor changes to your photos without the need of a third-party app or tool. This Cydia tweak will add basic editing options to the stock Photos app of your iPhone! Not only that, it lets you apply sepia and greyscale effects to your photos too. Admittedly, there are apps which can provide you with greater functionality, but none of them work inside your device’s Photos menu.

PhotoEdit doesn’t offer you a lot of editing options but hey, it’s better than having no options at all. Also, this is just the initial build. Future updates might just make this tweak exactly what you want it to be.

Original ImageSepia Effect

So where exactly does this tweak add the aforementioned options in the Photos app? After you have installed it from Cydia’s Big Boss repo, go to the Photos app, open a picture and hit the share button at the bottom left of the screen. You will notice that the sharing menu has an extra option at the top that says ‘Edit’. Tap on that and you will be taken to the editing screen. From within this screen, you can perform two basic tasks:

  1. Rotating the image
  2. Adding one of two available filters/effects (Grayscale and Sepia)

Main Option ScreenEffects

The app saves the image you have edited as a new image instead of over-writing the existing one. Also, in case you get something wrong, there’s the undo button. You can rotate the photo in any direction, zoom in or zoom out and save the image in that state. The results of both filters are surprisingly good as you can see in the first 2 screenshots.

The tweak has a lot of potential, but it would have been even better if it came with an interface that conformed a bit more with the stock iOS interface. The best thing about the tweak is that it works without taking away the simplicity of the Photos app. After all, PhotoEdit is not a standalone photo editor, and if you want to make extensive changes to your images, this tweak certainly isn’t what you are looking for. Let’s just hope (just in case iOS 5’s stock photo editing options turn out to be a disappointment) that more editing options are added to it soon.

[via idownloadblog]

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