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PhotoProtect: Protect Your iPhone Photos From Accidental Deletion [Cydia]

There was a time when you couldn’t delete albums on your iPhone without having to connect it to iTunes. iOS has come a long way since that, and so has the Photos app and its options. Now, the focus is more on convenience and somewhat less on security. This has lead to the rather prominent placement of the delete button for photos, which is more of double edged sowrd. While it solves the old problem of not being able to delete photos on your iDevice, it may also lead you to accidentally delete your photos, or if you have got children (and annoying friends), they might delete your photos just for fun. To counter such casual intruders, you don’t need to bar your Photos with complicated passwords and pattern locks; all you need is something like PhotoProtect. This Cydia tweak will let you set up a pop up message that will show up every time someone tries to delete a photo.

PhotoProtect Settings PhotoProtect Cydia

PhotoProtect is not really a security app, but rather a half-hearted/ fun measure against people who are just looking to annoy you. The person trying to delete the photos can just uninstall the tweak or disable it from its menu, if they are smart enough (one clause that should ward off most casual pranksters). You can grab PhotoProtect from the BigBoss repo in the Cydia store, where it is available as a free download. After its installation, the tweak will add a new menu to the Settings app, and you can configure everything from there. Setting up PhotoProtect is easy, and you just have to define the text that will appear on the popup box and the button below it. It is possible to set two different sentences on each of these fields. When you have done that, toggle off the Protect Photos button and then turn it back on (at least, that’s how we got this tweak working). Now, go to the Photos app and try deleting any photo using the edit mode Delete button as usual. You will see the text and button you defined earlier. Hitting the button just dismisses the notification, and the photo remains unharmed.

As a fun app, you might want to take a look at PhotoProtect, specially given the fact that it is available as a free download in the Cydia store, but if you really want to lock your photos, try searching for alternatives solutions in the App Store and Cydia.

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