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Picox Is A Third-Party SkyDrive Photo Viewer & Uploader For Android

Microsoft finally released the official SkyDrive desktop client for Windows and Mac (only preview build) yesterday, and with the official mobile clients of the service already available to iOS and Windows Phone users, it’s the Android users who’ve been (yet again) denied an official SkyDrive client for their respective mobile platform. What this means is that Android-using Windows Live account holders still have to look for alternative means to access their SkyDrive cloud content via various third-party apps that are available in the Google Play Store. With the previously reviewed music player, SkyAMP, we’ve already seen a rather satisfactory solution to stream all your SkyDrive audio tracks straight to your Android device. However, what about all those photos that you have saved to your SkyDrive gallery? With Picox, a free third-party online photo viewer for SkyDrive, not only can you browse through all your SkyDrive photos, but upload new ones as well.

Through an extremely simply designed UI, Picox connects you to your SkyDrive account so that you can easily and instantly browse your SkyDrive albums, create new folders, and fill them up with all the required photos from your device’s gallery; right from the comfort of your Android.

Picox-Android-Home Picox-Android-Login

Not just that; the app lets you browse your SkyDrive photos in their original quality via a full-screen interface. In case you observe distortion in image thumbnails or the images themselves, just wait for the app to finish loading all the content once, and then you shall begin experiencing your images in the highest available quality.

Obviously, before all that, you need to authorize the app to access your Windows Live account, which can be done by hitting the Account button on the app’s main interface. If you’re already logged in, you can use the sign-in screen to log out of the app as well. Once you’re granted Picox access to your Windows Live account, the Album button on the app’s homescreen gets activated.

Tapping this button displays all your SkyDrive Photos albums. Using various controls at the top, you can create new folder(s), upload photos from your device’s local storage to SkyDrive Photos, and update the app’s content. Taping a photo album reveals thumbnails of all the underlying photos on a grid. Tapping a thumbnail displays the image in full screen, and swiping left/right on the screen helps you switch between various photos in the album.

Picox-Android-Album Picox-Android-Full-Screen

Quite admittedly, the app’s interface, in its current form, requires a serious rethink, but having said that, it’s the purpose of Picox, more than any other aspect, that will appeal the most to Android-wielding SkyDrive account holders. The app is primarily meant to provide you with remote and easy access to your SkyDrive Photos, and it succeeds in achieving said purpose rather effectively.

Download Picox for Android

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