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PicSee Pro For iPhone: Photo Editor That Lets You Remove Unwanted Backgrounds

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best, most comprehensive tools for professional-level image editing, but you don’t always want to use something as complicated as that to make minor changes to your ordinary photos, especially when they are on your iPhone. There are so many good casual photo editors available for iOS that you hardly ever need to transfer your photos to your computer for editing. However, there are a few tasks that are still really difficult to perform on an iPhone, and one such feat is the removal of background from the photo of an object or person. Not many image editors come with the background removal option, even the otherwise feature-rich ones. Fortunately, PicSee Pro is not one of those apps. Not only does it have all the usual photo effects, filters and coloring options, it has a whole menu dedicated to background editing and removal. Details past the break.

PicSee Pro Project PicSee Pro Filters

Despite the fact that it is fairly easy to use PicSee Pro, it starts off with a graphical tutorial, outlining everything the app has to offer. If you choose to skip these instructions the first time, it is possible to view them later by tapping the Settings menu button from the bottom bar. To get started with PicSee Pro, you will have to create a new project. It is not possible to snap photos from within the app, and only existing photos can be loaded from the camera roll (or other albums). Once a new project has been created, users can rotate the added images before making any further changes. After you have done that, it’s time to play around with the available effects. The effects in PicSee Pro are divided into three classes, including Patterns, Textures and Filters. Each category lists more than half a dozen effects, and they can be applied to the project with a simple tap. The intensity of each of these effects can be controlled using the slider provided below the list. Don’t forget to hit the Apply Effect button before navigating away from the FX screen.

PicSee Pro Stickers Effects PicSee Pro Colors

PicSee Pro has quite a few stickers and fun effects up its sleeve, and you can get your hands on them in the menu marked Hi. From this menu, users can also add stylish text to their photos. Multiple photos may also be added to the project to create collages. In case you want to showcase your own artistic prowess on your photos, go to the coloring menu, select a color and make as many freehand additions to the project as you want. To rectify mistakes, erasers of varying sizes are available in the same menu.

PicSee Pro Background Remove PicSee Pro Settings

One of the best features offered by PicSee Pro is its background cutter. From this menu, it is possible to erase undesirable objects from any image. You can either use the freehand eraser to do so, or go for the more sophisticated knife option. Using the latter, the main object in the photo is selected, and the app automatically removes everything else from the image. After that, you can choose the photo’s resolution and sharing options from its Sharing menu, accessible through the main project screen.

PicSee Pro is a universal app, and available for free for a limited time. You can grab it from the download link below.

Download PicSee Pro


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