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PictoKeyboard: Add A Unicode Keyboard To iPhone & iPad [Cydia Tweak]

The stock iOS keyboard is pretty good, and has everything you expect to find in a smartphone keyboard. There are alphanumeric keys, as well as a few basic symbols, but beyond that, you have to rely on third-party apps to add some extra functionalities to your iPhone’s keyboard. That is, if your iDevice isn’t jailbroken, of course. If you do have access to the Cydia store, it is possible to download many tweaks which will alter the stock keyboard in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. PictoKeyboard is one such Cydia tweak, which will give you a new keyboard containing Unicode pictures that you can use anywhere in the OS. Read on to know more about the nature of new buttons your phone’s keyboard will get after you install PictoKeyboard.

Pictokeyboard Settings Pictokeyboard Replacable Languages Pictokeyboard Unicode iPhone

You have to make a very minor sacrifice in order for the tweak to work properly; you will need to replace one of your existing language keyboards with the one offered by PictoKeyboard. However, it shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem as it is highly unlikely that you need all the keyboards which are available in the iOS Settings. After downloading PictoKeyboard, go to the stock Settings app, and there, you will find the newly added menu for the tweak. In that menu you have to choose the language you want to replace with the Unicode keyboard. There are 5 languages from which you can choose the replacement keyboard. After one of them has been selected, go back to the main menu and hit the button which says Tap this after changes. Then, for good measure, hit the Clear Caches & Respring button.

Now you have to go to the Settings app again, and from there, navigate to the General tab. Within the Keyboard submenu, you will find the option to choose the languages to be displayed on your keyboard. Select the one you chose in the settings menu of PictoKeyboard, and then proceed to the Springboard. Now bring up the keyboard, and hit the globe button to the left of the space bar. You will see a collection of pictures, symbols and emoticons which are all Unicode based, and you can use them anywhere you want. There are a lot of pictures brought to the keyboard by the tweak, and you can view more of them by hitting the 123 button in the global keyboard mode. Please note that the text on the space bar and Return key will be changed to the language you chose to replace, but only in the global menu, and things will remain the same otherwise.

If you are bored of your same old iPhone keyboard, this free Cydia tweak might just be the thing you need.

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