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Pikchur For Windows Phone 7 – Share Your Photos With Ease

A lot of Windows Phone 7 devices come with cameras that have the ability to give you high resolution and good quality pictures. But a good picture isn’t much use unless you can show it to your friends easily. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook let you do that, but using Pikchur, you can share your mobile phone’s photos across multiple social networks simultaneously. And that’s not all. This well-built app isn’t just about sharing. There are some other really cool features too, like saving images to the cloud for safekeeping, and categorizing them into neat categories (a task that is next to impossible in the stock Pictures hub in Windows Phone 7).

Pikchur Location-Pikchur

The app starts off with a request for you to set up a Pikchur account. Simply input a username and password of your choice along with the email ID that is in your use presently and you are all set to go.

Next you can associate your Twitter and Facebook accounts with the app. This allows one-click sharing of your pictures.

As mentioned earlier, Pikchur isn’t just about sharing photos. The app allows you to create a live tile of your images, which is otherwise a complicated task in WP7.

Now we come to the feature of this app that has become the favorite for many users. And that is Geo Tagging. With this feature, you can share the location from where you shared the picture along with the picture itself. Geo tags use Bing maps and can prove to be really useful but if you don’t like it or want to keep your location private, then this can be disabled easily with a single click.

Public photos uploaded to the Pikchur.com server are visible to all Pikchur users, and if you choose to keep yours private, then the pictures are just for you and whomever you wish to share them with.

Pivot control streamlines the viewing of comments and picture viewing from other users. If you would like to take a break from sharing and just want to keep your pictures saved somewhere for a while then simply turn off micro-blogging. This will save the photos to the website server and they won’t get shared with anyone until you want them to.

Pikchur has the potential of becoming a complete replacement app for the Pictures hub in Mango phones, as it offers features like geo-tagging, fast sharing and privacy controls in addition to all the existing features available in the stock app.

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