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PingMe IM For Android, iOS & WP7 – Live Chat, Image & Location Sharing

PingMe is a new cross-platform instant messenger app for smartphones (iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7) that lets you connect with your friends, send quick messages, share images, add emoticons to messages, instantly create dynamic chat groups and locate your friends on a map via location-enabled messages. PingMe is free, its instant and it lets you ‘Ping’ with your friends using your mobile number. Connect with PingMe users all across the globe and start sharing messages with them in virtually no time at all. PingMe also sports push notifications for your messages so that you’re never too far away from your buddies. Although quite similar to WhatsApp in the way it works, PingMe brings a few new features to the table that might make you want to set it as your default IM client.

No need to fill up lengthy registration forms or subscribe to additional services. With PingMe, your mobile number is your ID. To setup a new account, just tap on Create a New Account on the app’s homescreen and provide your country code and phone number. Verify your account by feeding in the confirmation code sent to you via SMS and complete the registration by providing basic account information.

The app’s interface is worth admiring. It’s sleek, it’s stylish and it leaves a lasting impact on one’s eyes. All the core chat, search and customization options are easily accessible which certainly does help. Once installed, just launch the app and start searching for your PingMe-using friends from within your contacts or via Facebook or Twitter. You can also manually send invites to friends using their phone numbers. You can manually type in your PingMe status or select from a list of built-in status messages. Messaging with PingMe is ultra-fast and it all happens in real-time. And even if you’re not receiving text, you can always tell with the typing indicator that a reply’s on the way. If you’re on PingMe, you’re on map and your friends can always trace you out easily with geo-location enabled messages. You can toggle the ‘show location’ option on/ off as desired. Any messages that you wish to delete from the conversation history can also be done easily. Just long press on an unwanted message and select Delete message.

On the customization front, you can modify app’s chat settings, chat wallpaper and your profile picture. You can also specify chat color for outgoing messages. In addition, there is an option to toggle displays settings for status change and avatar change.

You may find and would’ve tried quite a few IMs for your smartphone. PingMe is not a bad option either. It is extremely quick, easy to use and supports almost all major mobile platforms. PingMe is available to the users absolutely free of cost.

Download PingMe for Android

Download PingMe for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

Download PingMe for Windows Phone 7


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