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Pinspiration: Explore Pintrest To View & Share Interesting Photos [WP7]

In today’s digital world, there is no shortage of social networks that are focused on letting people interact with their friends and loved ones. Admittedly, the field is dominated by Facebook and Twitter, but there are other smaller players in the game as well, which have amassed a considerable fan-following. Pintrest is one such social network, which aims to connect people via interest-based photo sharing. While there is no official Windows Phone 7 app for the service yet, now it has become possible for WP7 users to explore Pintrest via its third-party client, named Pinspiration. Even if you don’t have a Pintrest account, the app is a good way of finding out what this service is all about.

Pinspiration Login Pinspiration popular

On the main page of the app, there are two options; you can log in using your Pintrest credentials, or there is the option to explore the network as a guest user. All guest users will be taken to the Popular section of the app, where those photos are displayed which have the most Repins and likes associated with them. However, you can view any other public category, too, by tapping the text box, and choosing from among the wide range of genres on offer.

Pinspiration Photo Pintrest WP7

If you really like some picture, you can share it with anyone, or there is the option to save to it to your device. If you are logged in to the app, you can also pin your own photos by choosing from the Pictures hub, or straight through the camera. Having a Pintrest account will also let you leave comments and likes on a photo. You can also Repin a photo to your profile if you really like it. If you know even a little bit about Pintrest, then you are sure to know that creating a new account for the service is no mean feat, and that contributes toward turning a lot of people away from using Pintrest. Thanks to the Pinspiration app people will be able to get a preview of Pintrest without the need to sign up. The app lets its users explore the network in great detail, and that too when they are using the app as guests.

Pinspiration comes in both free and paid ($0.99) versions. The free version is ad-supported, and your feed won’t refresh automatically, while both these drawbacks are taken care of in Pinspiration Pro.

Download Pinspiration Free for Windows Phone

Download Pinspiration Pro for Windows Phone

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