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Pinweel For iPhone: Apply Filters To Photos & Create Group Albums

Taking a picture using your iOS device is not much of a problem, as the camera in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is generally pretty good, and if that’s not enough, there are a lot of third-party photography apps available as well. The real problem, however, arises when you want to share those photos with your friends. The most commonly used method for photo sharing these days is email, which is not really intuitive and involves way too many steps. That’s why a photo sharing app is always a welcome addition to the App Store. There are many such apps, but Pinweel is pretty unique, owing to the fact that it allows you to share photos in real-time, and with multiple contacts. Not only that, you can edit a photo as well before you publish it to your account and social network.

Pinweel Albums Pinweel Group

You can use your Facebook or Twitter account to login to Pinweel, or there is the option to create a new app-specific account. Creating a new account requires you to enter your email ID and a few other basic pieces of information. Once you are done, you can invite your friends over to Pinweel, so that the sharing becomes even easier. There are two types of albums in Pinweel; public and private. Not only can everyone view public albums, but users are allowed to add photos of their own to any album as well. If you create a new album, then it is possible to choose its privacy level, and add users which will be able to view and edit the contents of the album. If you come across an album whose topic really interests you, it possible to follow that album, or its users, so that you will be notified every time a change is made to the group. Each album also displays the place where it was originally created.

Pinweel Filters Pinweel Photo

When you want to add a photo of your own to Pinweel, just tap the big camera button in the middle of the bottom bar and you will be asked to choose an album you want to add the photo to. It is at this point that you get the option to create a new album as well. After snapping a picture, the user is presented with a variety of filters, which are named after years. To apply any of the given effect you just have to tap its icon and then hit Keep. Once you are done editing, there is the choice of publishing the photo to Facebook, Twitter or just keep it in the chosen album. Public images from other users can be shared with your Pinweel and social network friends through the share button.

Pinweel is a great app when you want to share photos with your friends on the go, and without having to worry about uploading them manually. The app is free, and you can grab it at the link below.

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