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Place Stylish Labels & Tapes On Your Snaps With Labelbox For Android

Love labeling your photos? Try Labelbox – an Android app that allows you to place stylish labels and tapes on your favorite snaps and makes them extra-special. Pick an image file from your device or capture an instant shot from your camera and place colorful labels on it. The app allows you to save labeled images and share them with your friends online. Labelbox has enjoyed a massive fan-base in the iTunes App Store for quite some time and now its time for Android fans to experience the fun-filled experience.

Using Labelbox is fun and easy. The app itself launches to a brief little tutorial screen that should be enough to guide you through the usage. Tap the rectangular bar at the bottom of your screen to access the app’s features. It all begins by taking a fresh photo from your camera or importing an image from your device. Once you fetch the preferred image, select a label of our choice by swiping left/right in the labels menu, swipe anywhere on the image to place the label and eventually, give the label a suitable title. You are done!

You can place as many labels and tapes on a single image as you like. Didn’t like your effort with the tapes? Never mind, you can always give your phone a handy shake and wipe all the changes you made to the image thus far. You can save the label image or you may upload it on the Steply server and share it with your friends. You must have a Steply account to share your labeled photos with your online buddies via Labelbox. Get a Steply account here if you don’t have one already. You may also signup with Steply from within the app. Setting up a new account is simple and does not take much time. Saved images can be found in mnt/sdcard/dcim/LabelBox folder.

As of this writing, Labelbox supports 9 different labels for your images whereas 4 other labels can be unlocked by upgrading the app for a meager price of $0.99 only. All in all, Labelbox is a handy little app if you want to place exciting labels and tapes on your images quickly and share them with your friends. Labelbox is available in the Android Market free of cost and is compatible with Android OS 2.1 or higher. So grab your copy of Labelbox from the provided Market link and make your images memorable with beautiful labels.

Download Labelbox for Android

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