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Plan Events & Invite Guests Through SMS Using GetTogether. For iPhone

Event planning is never an easy task, and if you are handed the responsibility of arranging a large meeting, Murphy’s Law springs into action straight away, and everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Technology might not be able to help you too much in endeavours like setting up the table and scrubbing the floors, but if you have an iOS app like GetTogether., you can surely take the first step towards making any event memorable and successful. This iPhone app is designed to let you plan the timings, place and other similar particulars of any event, and once you’re done with all that, you can invite all the guests right from within the app. The guests of an event don’t have to be smartphone users, as GetTogether. sends out all the invitations through text messages. Not only does this functionality serve to make the whole process more streamlined, it lets you concentrate on more complicated organization matters by keeping you and your guests in the loop and letting you interact with the whole invited group via broadcasting messages en masse.

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The sign up procedure for GetTogether. is fairly simple, and you just have to enter your name and phone number to get started. Once your account has been created in this manner, you can start viewing events created by other users, and also commence a get-together of your own. The app accesses the user’s current location and displays all the public events on the map. There are three privacy levels for events. Anyone can respond to an Open event, while a Locked event is exclusively for those who have been invited by the original poster. In between these two privilege level is the Closed group, in which guests can invite their own friends.

A new event created using GetTogether. has to specify a place of meeting, a short text description, timings and a list of guests. When you have to invite people to your event, the app will take you to your own contacts list, and you can select anyone from there so that invitations can be sent out to them via SMS. If you are invited to a gathering via GetTogether., it is possible to tap the the Get Me Here button to get directions for reaching your destination.

GetTogether. is a simple, yet useful app. You can download this iPhone-optimized app for free by heading to the following link.

Download GetTogether.

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