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Play By AOL Music – Stream, Play And Share Music/Radio [Android, iOS]

Elegance, style, flair and an unending roller-coaster musical ride – all these features, when combined together, define the musical sensation PLAY for Android and iOS that has been introduced for music enthusiasts by American media and web services company America Online (AOL). Play is a free music player, live music/radio streamer and a handy music sharing application which sports a catchy look and some of the most feverishly pursued online music features.

Play by AOL Music is for music lovers who just can’t resist their quest for high quality music. Thousands of free online albums, unending stream of musical hits, over 47,000 SHOUTcast radio streams, a slick and stylish interface, MP3 Of The Day, SXSW tracks, CD listening party, live feeds, and a whole world of online music sharing options should be enough for die-hard music fans to embrace this wonderful app with sheer delight.

The overall interface of the app has been beautifully designed but it’s the home screen that really catches the eye with all mentioned music features strung together on a single page. Apart from online music/radio streaming options, Play By AOL Music lets you play your saved tracks through the integrated music player.

Play By AOL Music connects you to the world with your Facebook account while, you can also use your AIM/AOL credentials. Users can also sign-in with their PLAY account to enjoy the online sharing features of the app. Once logged in, you can share your favorite music with your Facebook and Twitter friends on-the-go and exchange your personal musical experiences with them. Stay notified of all alerts, comments and personal messages while listening to your favorite tracks. Switch on the integrated Radio service with live SHOUTcast radio and stream popular stations all across the globe.

Head over to the play tab on the app’s main interface and you’re treated to a live vertically scrolling grid view of all the various albums featured on AOL Play. It is also from the same screen that you may start listening to the MP3 of the day, or pick an album of choice that you wish to stream.

Play By AOL Music is available free of cost on the Android Market and iTunes App Store. While Android version required OS 2.1 or higher to run smoothly, iPhone fans running iOS 4.0 or later would be able to run this app on their device.

Download Play By AOL Music for Android

Download Play By AOL Music for iOS

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