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Plume for Twitter Gets ICS Holo UI, Support For Posting Longer Tweets via TMI.me [Android]

LevelUp Studio has the distinction of sharing the Google Play Store ‘Top Developer’ tag with just a handful of other renowned Android developers, and there is a genuinely valid reason behind this acclamation. The company is responsible for bringing two of the best Android apps around, Beautiful Widgets and Plume for Twitter to the store. Already a favorite third-party Twitter client for many users, Plume for Android just got even better with the latest update (to v3.0) that it has received. Among the most noticeable changes is a totally revamped Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired (Holo) UI. Not only is the app’s brand new interface in sync with the latest version of the Android OS, but also makes accessing core Twitter features a breeze. In addition to the revamped UI, the app now has TMI.me support, which allows you to natively post tweets that exceed Twitter’s 140-character limit. The app now supports uploading photos via MyPict.me too, and lets you resize uploaded images before upload depending upon the selected photo sharing service.

Plume-Android-Update-Apr6-Home Plume-Android-Update-Apr6-Holo-Theme

The new UI allows you to switch back and forth between your Twitter timeline, @mentions, direct messages and the app’s dashboard with a mere swipe. Using the action bar at the top of the app’s interface, you can compose a new tweet, manually refresh all feeds, and search for Tweets/users. On tablets, Plume offers an even better experience, where you have the option to view as many as three different panels simultaneously. In case your tweet crosses the 140-character mark, the app automatically presents you with the option to send it via TMI.me.

Plume-Android-Update-Apr6-TMI Plume-Android-Update-Apr6-MyPict

By default, the app lets you upload images using Twitter’s own image sharing service. The catch with taking the default route is that you cannot resize your images. To avail said feature, you will have to select an image hosting service that supports image resizing. For this, you’ll need to navigate to the Photo Service option on the Menu > Settings > Pictures hosting screen. The list now also includes the newly added MyPict.me image hosting service.

With all the great new features that have been introduced with this update, we must admit that Plume certainly qualifies as a strong candidate for becoming your default Twitter client on Android.

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