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Podio For iPhone & Android: All-in-one Personalized Project Management

Podio is a service which lets its users manage any project or social activity. But that’s no big deal, right? Many apps can do that. But Podio is not your run-of-the-mill management solution. With Podio’s mobile client on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device, you can handle any difficulty you might face regarding management exactly the way you want to. You can customize the whole management procedure to match your every requirement, virtually creating your very own app. Not only that, you can share all your experience with other users by uploading your personalized app to the Podio store.


We all know how tricky it could be when you are trying to finish up a project and the deadline is just rushing to meet you head-on. But there’s one thing even more complicated than that – working with and managing lots of people in a single project. Whether the project is related to finance, engineering or education, the truth of the matter is that managing it will most certainly not be child’s play. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Podio has everything covered for you.

To get started, you need to sign up for a Podio account. Unfortunately, this is not possible from within the app. You will have to use your browser to visit Podio.com and create a new account. After you have provided your e-mail ID and set a Podio password, you will need to choose any of the three Spaces (management categories) offered by the service (discussed later on). If you are unsure which ones to select, you can either just skip this step and surf the Podio store, or choose all three categories. After the completion of the sign up procedure, you are free to use the app. The first page you will see after you log in is pretty simple. The app will pull all your phone or account contacts and you can start collaborating straight away. Your profile is very customizable. The app allows you to add virtually any information about yourself there.


There are 3 Spaces categories by default:

  • Intranet
  • Lead Management
  • Project Collaboration
Within each category, you can set tasks for any member or the whole group will know about its details, description and due date from within the Tasks tab, post general status updates and monitor progress from within the Activity tab. You can even attach photos to each update. In addition, there is a collection of management apps that fall under each category. Podio apps can be thought of as customizable options available for users to be personalized in whichever way they need. An aggregation of tasks and activities from all Spaces can be viewed from the app’s home screen.

Intranet can be thought of as a broadcasting platform for all members of a project. The apps that fall under the Intranet category include Document templates, Staff meetings and Bulletins.

Intranet OptionsTasks

Lead Management apps include templates like Sales records, meetings and directory for any past transactions you might have made.

Project Collaboration is arguably the most useful part of Podio. It’s like having a customizable discussion board for a project, but with plenty of tools added to the mix, tools like Deliverables and assigning roles to members. Once each task has been assigned, Podio will keep reminding the concerned members about what they need to do and when the deadline is arriving.

And you get all of that for free – the app and the service. You can download Podio for your platform from the links provided below.

Download Podio for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download Podio for Android



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  1. In my opinion proofhub’s android app is much useful and easy to use than podio. I have recently started using it.

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