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PolyMagic For iPhone: Customize Polygon Frames For Photo Collages

Photo editing apps are truly available in abundance today, and it is actually hard to choose the one that fits your needs. If you happen to be into more than just adjusting the contrast, sharpness, or cropping and resizing a photo, PolyMagic may just be the app that causes you to play around with your photos to creatively construct collages on the go. Yes, the app mainly focuses on letting the user easily and quickly make a collage. Earlier, we covered an app named Nostalgio, which served the same purpose as PolyMagic, but the former does not seem as polished as PolyMagic, owing to a few very useful features. We will show you what that is, and, more importantly, walk you through the app step by step.

Starting off with the app, you will be greeted by a canvas ready to play around with. The canvas will be split up into different frames, and that is actually the first thing you will need to setup in order to process with making a collage. You can choose from a preset of frames, and even more, you can play with the shapes of the frames as well. How? Just grab one of those red dots and drag! The sliders on the top adjust how round the edges of the frames are, and the size of the frame.

PolyMagic PolyMagic

Next up, if you want, you can set the ratio of the picture, and can choose from the ratios as shown below. Interestingly enough, while these ratios are set as Portrait, if you tilt the device horizontally, the ratios will represent the landscape ones as well, which is something many users wishing to view these collages on a widescreen LCD, would find important.

Do note that the image, or color of the canvas, is what would form the background of your collage. Setting the color is no biggie and is simple enough as seen in the screenshot below.

PolyMagic PolyMagic

Next up, we have the patterns, and of course, you can set its color as well. Now comes the actual stuff, that is choosing the pictures. Honestly, it took me a while to realize that tapping inside one of the frames would bring up the option to insert a picture. You can choose to insert either a new one, or take a new one through the camera.

PolyMagic PolyMagic

You can see below, how the pictures form up once added onto the canvas. The pictures can be zoomed in, rotated, flipped etc, as well once added from the editing buttons on the top. That magic wand thing you see which looks more like a cog on a stick (or maybe the other way around), will launch a full fledged photo editor for that particular photo, but we will not be going into detail about that. Oh, and excuse the Android fanboyism, I am one.

PolyMagic PolyMagic

Now, once the collage is all set to be saved, hit the Share button and select the way you want to share your picture, or hit the Album button to save it to your Camera Roll. Lastly, you will also need to select the resolution of the final product as well, so do that and go out – no, literally!

PolyMagic PolyMagic

Here’s a look at what the final product looks like. Say hello to Zooey Deschanel and the Panda that came free with a treat (and is on its way to becoming AddictiveTips’ official mascot).


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