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Popular Chat App Verbs IM For iPhone & iPad Free For Limited Time

We all are familiar with the multi-service chat app Verbs IM for iOS, famous for its easy-on-the-eyes interface, file sharing (via Droplr and CloudApp) and support for Google talk, MobileMe, AIM and Facebook chat. If you haven’t yet purchased the app, but were planning to do so soon, here’s some good news for you: the app is currently free on the App Store for a limited time. If you aren’t sure why you should be trying this app, join us after the break for a brief overview of its features.

IMG_0139 IMG_0138 IMG_0143

Verbs IM allows you to log in to all four supported networks/services at the same time and alternate between them with ease. The app imports all contacts from each service you log in to and even lets you edit the contacts list for some. For instance, you can add or remove friends from your Gtalk account from within the app, but the Facebook chat section does not allow the same.

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You can chat with multiple contacts at a time, swipe across the screen to switch between them and instantly remove chat history for a particular session by tapping the button in the top-right corner of the screen, and then the close button above the session you want to clear. The app also lets you set your chat status in all the chat accounts associated with it.

If reading about the app got you interested, grab it now before the free offer expires. The link provided below will take you to its App Store page.

Download Verbs IM

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