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Popular Social Media App MyPad For iPhone Free For Limited Time

Lately, the iOS App Sore has been swarmed with apps that combine Facebook and Twitter into one platform. But when you add multiple user login, free music and games to the mix then you get MyPad for Facebook & Twitter. This was a paid app at the time of release but has, just recently, gone free for a limited time, much to the delight of Facebook, Twitter and iOS users. If you aren’t familiar with the app, read on past the break to find out what it has to offer.

status update

MyPad offers a simple user interface with all the basic functionalities of Facebook incorporated in a sidebar. Tapping the status button or your profile picture let you update your status or browse through your profile pictures respectively. With MyPad, you can Chat with your friends, send and receive  Messages, browse Photo Albums and get Notifications, all in the same screen. You do not have to navigate much in this app as its provides good ease of access. If you feel like tweeting your friends, just tap the Tweet button and log in to your Twitter account.

the hype machine

Tap the music icon in the sidebar to listen to free songs from The Hype Machine or the gamepad icon to play free games online. MyPad offers multiple log ins so that you, your family and friends can view updates in their Facebook and Twitter accounts without any of you having to log out from the app.

MyPad is available for free for a limited time. Download it now from the link below before the offer expires!

Download MyPad for Facebook & Twitter

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