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Popup Manager: Switch Between Or Kill Running/Recent Apps From Anywhere In Android

Multitasking one of the core aspects of modern-day smartphone operating systems, and one of the attributes that distinguishes these gadgets from dumb phones. With multitasking arises the need for efficient application management so that your device isn’t bogged down by the slew of apps that are consistently running in the background. The latest iteration of the Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) has a native task manager that is available all throughout the OS. Even in case of other versions of Android, there are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store that expedite the process of task management in various ways. Adding to the list of such apps is Popup Manager – a simple little tool that, when activated, sits silently in a corner of the screen in the form of a tiny toggle that is visible everywhere within the OS, and can be tapped to launch a task manager that can be used to open and kill recent or running apps.

The app’s interface is designed to match the ICS Holo theme, wherein you get a couple of tabs (for list of running tasks, and the app’s settings menu) that you can switch between by simply swiping across the screen.


When installed, the app adds a small translucent toggle in the bottom-left side of the screen. Tapping this toggle reveals the the app’s main interface, which displays the list of all the recently opened and running tasks. Alongside each task, you will find Kill and Open buttons that, as their names suggest, allow you to force close and switch to the app respectively.

In addition to that, you can also see the app’s icon added to your device’s status bar. Drag the bar down, and you will be able to see the total number of running tasks and system processes within the notification drawer.


The best thing about Popup manager is that its toggle is persistent, that is, it remains visible on the screen regardless of the app you’re currently using. All you need to switch between or kill apps is tap the toggle, and select the desired action. The Settings tab on the app’s main interface lets you start or stop the app’s background service, and/or enable the on-screen toggle.

Popup Manager has both a free and a $0.99 version available in the Google Play Store. The free version only lets you view running tasks while the full version displays recently opened apps as well.

Download Popup Manager LITE (Free)

Download Popup Manager (Paid)


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