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Pose Brings Its Fashion Discovery & Sharing App To Android

Love following the latest trends in the fashion industry? Pose is a free iOS and Android app that lets you discover the latest and hot-running fashion from all around the world via images shared by other app users. In addition, it provides you a chance to show off your own style to the world by sharing your snaps on Pose, Facebook and Twitter. Like an outfit, pair of digger shoes, hair makeover or branded heels? Show your appreciation using various customary social tools included within the app. In this regard, it lets you cast votes and/or comment on items. The app supports alerting you of all the user comments as well as your activities on Pose via push as well as email notifications.

To get yourself connected to the Pose service, sign up for a new account using the in-app registration facility or simply log in with your Facebook account.


Once logged in, you’re taken to the Feed tab on the app’s homescreen where you can find all the shared Poses/snaps arranged on grid. Navigate up and down on the screen to explore various images and tap on the one that attracts you the most to view or follow the person who has shared it, vote for it, comment on it or to view the comments and votes of other users.

On the (top-right corner of the) homescreen, you have a camera icon that lets you capture fresh snaps so that you can share your new attire or interesting findings via Pose. This particular feature seems to have compatibility issues with the MIUI custom ROM. However, it works perfectly fine on Android’s stock as well as the CyanogenMod 7 ROM.

For each snap that you wish to share, you can specify the included product’s Brand, Shop and Price.


From the Discover tab, you get a chance to explore all the photos shared by other users on Pose ranging from Popular poses to the Featured ones.

The Inbox tab on the homescreen lists your Pose messages/notifications, whereas the Profile tab carries all your various Pose statistics such as number of Poses, likes, followers, followings and shared Poses.


If you wish to see a demonstration of what Pose has in store for you, check out the app’s official demo video below.

Pose for Android is available for free on the Android Market and requires Android OS 2.2 or higher to run.

Download Pose for Android

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