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Post To Multiple Social Media, Blogs & More With Sendible For Android

Sendible is a social media management app and for Android that allows you to publish content with multimedia and send messages to multiple social networks, mail services, messaging services, blogs and select web services all in one go. Messages can be easily composed and sent instantly or you can also save them as drafts. The app keeps a track of all your messages, status updates, comments and more. Sendible has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time and now its available on the Android Market. To use Sendible services, you need to have a valid Sendible account. Sendible offers free sign-up to all users. A new account can be set up from from within the app or you may visit the Sendible website to do so.

By having all your favorite and most frequently used social media services added to a single Sendible account, you can easily share your messages and status updates with your online buddies without having to installing multiple clients and signing into various services. Sendible offers comprehensive support for almost all the popular services such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, YouTube, LinkedIn, Scribd, WordPress, Blogspot, Delicious, Yahoo etc. Just name it and you’re surely going to find it on Sendible. The concept can prove to be very useful for individuals and corporations alike that need to be connected to multiple online platforms to stay in touch with their clients.

The aquatic style interface of the app is soothing to eyes while the usability of the client is worth admiring. Once you sign in with your Sendible account, the home screen displays brief information regarding your account name, account type, remaining credits and remaining tokens. There are dedicated tabs for composing new messages and viewing all the sent messages, pending messages and drafts. Home and Messages tab are supplemented with a Refresh button that keeps you informed of your remaining credits, tokens and sent messages. Users can add subject and tags along with messages to emphasize the purpose of the message more precisely. Messages can be scheduled to recur after specified time intervals.

Basic account offers a 30-day free trial with limited message credits. Upon signing up with Sendible service, users with basic account also get 100 free credits. With Sendible, users can post content and send messages to their online friends but cannot receive messages. Although the app responded quite commendably while publishing content to various platforms, there were several crash issues observed while accessing the Reports tab. Recipients can only be selected individually. This makes life a bit difficult in case you want to add multiple recipients from multiple services. A ‘select all’ option would have been welcome.

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