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Postcard On The Run: Design & Mail Real Postcards From Your Android Device

Love sharing postcards with your friends? Why take an entirely virtual route when Postcard On The Run is at your service? Postcard On The Run is an Android app that lets you design personalized postcards on your device (with images, signatures, maps and more) and send them to your friends in real. Yes, real postcards mailed directly to your contact’s house. The price? Starts from as low as 99 cents per postcard that can be paid from within the app while the app itself is free. No address? Avail the in-app address retrieval service of Postcard On The Run to send address request to your friends via text message. It’s already been a month since Post Card On The Run was released for iOS users while the Android variant of the app has just made its way into the Market.


Coming to the app’s functionality, if you take a look at its homescreen (from the image shown above), you’ll easily figure out what Postcard On The Run is all about. It is basically a 4-step procedure in all.

  1. Pick Photo
  2. Write Message
  3. Choose Contacts
  4. Send Postcard

The app takes you through the process step by step, starting with picking an image for your postcard. You can capture a fresh image, pick one from your gallery or import it from your Facebook account. Remember, the maximum supported resolution of an image for a postcard is 1000 x 800.


Just get an image in there, crop it and/or rotate it to your liking. Then comes adding a message with your choice of font and color, adding your signature (or a rough doodle) and finally, your name and email address.


Next, add recipients from phone contacts, groups or create a new contact and then, add a map or custom image to your card (optional).


Take a good final look at your postcard from the front as well as from the back side by tapping the View Card Back/Front buttons. If satisfied, hit Check Out to pay for the postcard. The app accepts payments via credit card and PayPal. Prices of different postcards might vary according to the included content and the chosen service.


As mentioned earlier, the app sends a message on your behalf to the recipient to request postal information for successful shipment.

You can download Postcard On The Run from the Android Market via the link provided below.

Download Postcard On The Run for Android

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