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Power Planner: Schedule Classes & Pending Assignments On The Go [WP7]

You have an important quiz due next week, but despite making many resolutions to open your books, you start studying barely a few hours before the quiz. Even though you curse yourself for not having a planner highlighting all your upcoming quizzes and due assignments, we all know that nobody has the time to make a planner on a notebook and consult it every week. If you have a smartphone, you probably won’t have to. There are countless student planners across all major platforms that make creating and following study schedules extremely easy. Power Planner for Windows Phone 7 is an excellent addition to apps of this genre. The app schedules classes and reminds you about pending homework. This app has both a free trial and a paid version, where the trial version lasts indefinitely, and has all the features of the paid version except for the option to schedule an upcoming exam. Details after the break.

home work power planneradd class power planner

On the app’s homescreen, just tap  ‘+’ to add a new class that you have signed up for. You can set the timings and location of this class along with the days when you have to attend it within the add class feature.

new homwork power plannerinfo power planner

Once you have added information about the classes you are taking this semester, you can add homework relevant to those classes with due dates and Details for each. The app then automatically reminds you about your upcoming assignments and class schedules. Reminders for homework appear twice a day to ensure that you get it done.

Power Planner has a simplistic interface and provides ease of access, which is what one looks for in a planner. It is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace and can be downloaded at the link below.

Download Power Planner

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