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PowerCam For iPhone: Awesome Live Filters For Videos & Photos

Many iOS apps let users edit photos in great detail, but the number of apps which show the results of camera filters even before a picture is snapped is much less than ordinary photo editors. Out of these iPhone apps having live filters, you will be hard-pressed to find one as comprehensive as PowerCam. The collection of effects in the app is really impressive, and not only that, the app has a bundle of other useful features as well. If you like snapping self-portraits, then PowerCam is the perfect app for you, as it has a special Face Time mode, which will detect your face automatically. You can even create collages, and there are many other awesome features in PowerCam, so head on past the break to read all about them. Update: PowerCam is now available for Android as well. A link to its Google Play Store page has been added at the bottom of this post.

PowerCam Effects PowerCam FaceTime

PowerCam works in both portrait and landscape modes, and you can check out the app’s camera filters using the button in the bottom right. You won’t see a list of effects, and the scene in front of the camera will take up new shape as soon as you hit the wand button. If you do want a complete list of effects (complete with names), then use the button in the bottom bar. The magic button applies the selected filter to both the photos and videos. Almost all the same effects exist for photos as well as videos.

PowerCam Collage PowerCam Share

One of the best things, about PowerCam , as mentioned earlier, is its face-detection ability. To try it out, hit the small face button in the sidebar and then enable the front facing camera. You will see that the app detects faces with amazing accuracy. The photos you snap using PowerCam will be visible in the app’s Gallery, and you can weave them into a collage from there. The sharing options offered by PowerCam are pretty amazing too, and you can post photos to your social network as well as services like Flickr and Tumblr.

Another feature upon which PowerCam prides itself upon is its zooming capabilities. The app has a pretty good result even when you shoot photos and videos with it on full zoom. In addition to filters, several scene modes are supported in PowerCam as well, and the app can be configured to use a vast variety of languages.

PowerCam is available as a free download in the App Store, and if you want to have an app with a big collection of live filters, PowerCam is what you need.

Download PowerCam

Update: PowerCam is now available for Android as well. The following link will take you to its Play Store page.

Download PowerCam for Android


  1. Thanks for the review for Wondershare PowerCam. PowerCam for iOS 2.0 will be available within one week. New version has more powerful features, such as editing function, Panorama and more.

    • I got a new iphone 6 and when the moved all my apps over this app has none of my pictures. I seem to recall in the beginning (like 2009) I could import from my photos on the phone and play with it in PowerCam but I can no longer find the way to do this. All instructions I find when I Google are for much older versions. Can you direct me to finding where all the bells and whistles are hiding?

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