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PrimeTube: A Beautiful YouTube Client For Windows Phone 7

The official YouTube client for Windows Phone 7 has come under heavy fire from users due to its lackluster interface and the missing features, which can be easily accessed from even the mobile web version of the video hosting service. This has lead to the release of a number of third-party YouTube clients for WP7, and with the release of Mango, the number of such apps increased exponentially. We have covered many YouTube clients for WP7 like YouTube Pro but none has been as gorgeous and beautiful as PrimeTube. The app is a pinnacle of metro interface, and has all the features which account for a good YouTube client on any platform. You can know more about the app by heading past the break.

PrimeTube WP7 PrimeTube Home

The main menu in PrimeTube lists all the options which are necessary for getting you started with the app. You can login to your YouTube account and then manage every aspect of it with ease. All the areas of your YouTube account are listed pretty neatly on this welcome page, including favorites, subscriptions, playlists, uploads and categories. Apart from these menus the search and settings options are ever-present throughout the app, and you can use them from the bottom menu.

PrimeTube Most Viewed PrimeTube Categories PrimeTube Player

Apart from the welcome screen, PrimeTube is divided into two main screens; most viewed and trending. By default, entries for the day are displayed, but it is possible to change the filters to monthly, weekly or all time. To the right of each video’s thumbnail is its duration, while the total number of views are shown below the video’s name. To view videos under certain categories, you can go to that section, and you will be taken to the screen in which videos are neatly categorized. You can move within each category by scrolling horizontally. The video player in PrimeTube is pretty decent, and you can comment or like any video from the menu under it. The app even allows users to pin any video to the Start screen, and you can share it via email or with your social network friends.

PrimeTube is not a downloader for YouTube videos, and lacks a few advanced features like controlling player size, and does not have a landscape mode, but still, the app is free, and for its interface, you just have to give it a try. PrimeTube is available at the web Marketplace link provided below.

Download PrimeTube

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