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Privacy Protector: Manage App Permissions On Non-Rooted Android Devices

There is no denying the fact that among all mobile operating systems, Android is perhaps the most vulnerable to malware attacks. The problem, undoubtedly, stems from the fact that Android is an open-source platform that allows anyone and everyone develop goods as per their needs, therefore allowing hackers and modders to come up with their own share of malicious codes. The biggest threat comes in the form of certain third-party apps that have the propensity of bypassing various security checks within the OS, and hence, leak out valuable information to outsiders. To tackle this issue, numerous apps are available in the Android Market that let users decide which apps should be allowed to access specific hardware and/or OS actions. However, most existing solutions, such as LBE Privacy Guard and Permissions Denied, are meant  to work only on rooted devices, leaving users with non-rooted devices much to long for. Not anymore, though; XDA member houzuoguo has finally carved out a viable solution for users with non-rooted devices in the form of Privacy Protector. The app lets you decide which user apps should be allowed to access the internet and/or GPS.

While the app might not be the first of its kind solution to hit the Android Market, it certainly sports the most simple interfaces, and makes permission request management a breeze. As evident from the above description, the app currently supports toggling permissions only for internet and location sharing, and does not allow managing system app permissions. Though, this should suffice for most users reluctant to gain root access on their devices just to block app permissions.

Privacy-Protector-Android-Home Privacy-Protector-Android-list

Privacy Protector is as simple-to-use as they come. Once installed, just launch the app and hit the Manage Application Policy button to start blocking permissions for apps of your choice. On the screen that follows, the app displays all installed apps with separate checkboxes for internet and location displayed alongside each.

Once you’re done denying permissions, hit the Save Policy button at the top. On the app’s main interface, tap the Protector Stopped button to toggle the app’s protection on/off. The app even provides you with GPS, Mobile data, Wifi and Bluetooth toggles on its homescreen.

Download Privacy Protector for Android

[via XDA-Developers]


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