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Producteev Brings Its Cross-Platform, Cloud-Based Task Management App To Android

Producteev is a cross-platform task management app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS-powered devices that helps individuals as well as businesses keep a close tab on their routine tasks, personal documents and priorities in a simple yet comprehensive way. The app lets you easily create, edit, schedule, assign and sync tasks, complete with star ratings, custom labels, deadlines, recurrence and notes. The task management mechanism of the app is based on the concept of defining a workspace, and creating required tasks and schedules under it. The app’s neatly designed interface makes creating, managing, searching for, and filtering/sorting of projects, tasks and subtasks extremely convenient. Apart from updating its web and iPhone apps, the service just recently announced the release of its Android and Windows 7 clients, thereby covering almost all major platforms.


Android Market has a lot of feature-packed task management apps, but not all of them focus on simplicity and ease-of-access. This is what makes Producteev special. Through the aforementioned workspace structure, the app helps make the entire project management process a snap. For each task within a project, you can specify a priority level (star rating), concerned people, a deadline, repetition interval, label(s) and personal notes.

To start using the app, you must log in with a valid Producteev account. New accounts can be created from within the app for free.


Once you’re logged in, the app retrieves your personal notes/tasks, and lists them under the Tasks and Today tabs for the selected Workspace. The third tab on this screen carries Notifications from the service. Tapping Menu lets you Filter and Sort tasks in multiple ways to help you find required content. To add a new workspace or switch to another one, tap the button at the top-left of the app’s homescreen, and select the required option.


You can view the priority level and deadline of tasks listed on the app’s homescreen, and/or mark them as Complete. That’s not all, the app even lets you specify the Context in which you wish to use the app. To put it simple, by toggling between Team tasks and My tasks from the app’s accounts screen (Menu > Account), you can specify the exact purpose for which you plan to use the app.


Download Producteev for Android

[via Lifehacker]

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