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Project Schedule Is Free Android Project Management App

Project Managers are always looking to plan, organize, secure and manage resources using different PC/Mac Softwares. Having a defined beginning and end is key to any kind of project, be it small or large. Continuous strive to achieve your organization’s long-term goals, in general, and the short-term objectives, in particular, is key to carrying out company tasks effectively, and a well-devised project plan is the best way to reach there successfully. You may already be using some sort of a desktop-based project management application to plan, monitor and manage your projects, but what if you were to keep a close tab on all the matters on-the-move?  Project Schedule is a simple project management app for Android phones that supports scheduling of tasks in Gantt chart and export them to CSV file.

To create a project schedule , enter a name for the schedule and tap ‘+’ button. Edit properties can be used to change the name and description for a task if needed. Start time can be added from these properties as well. To start a project, tap and hold on to the project name on the main screen and select start now. Projects can be duplicated, exported, or deleted via the same screen.


An added feature to this app is that tasks can be exported to CSV format and saved to the file or emailed. CSV file can be opened via any spreadsheet application on your computer. Running schedules also appear on your notification bar. You can choose between text, sound, text-to-speech and vibration notifications. The list of features supported by the app runs quite long, actually. For instance, just talking of the various modes of notification it supports, we find that you can select from text, sound, text-to-speech (TTS) and vibration notifications when a task starts and/or ends. Then there is some elementary support for project calendars, and the support for Work Breakdown Structure can also come in handy in a variety of situations.


A simple project management app to run schedules with assigned tasks and the added capability of exporting to a CSV file. This app is free (ad supported) and was successfully tested on Galaxy S. To get rid of ads, you will have to purchase the full version which costs $6.45. There is no difference between free and paid apps except that the free version has ads, and that the paid variant lets you export your Gantt Charts as PDF files.

Download Project Schedule Free For Android

Download Project Schedule For Android


  1. From what I read in the help file for Project Schedule is that you can put together a project or put together a schedule. A schedule is meant for repetitive short duration tasks as the help file states, but I am still not sure how and when to use it and would like to see an example. Ideally, I would like to have a tool that not only manages the project, but the resources across multiple projects as well. I don’t know anyone who works on just one project at a time. Multitasking between numerous projects while also attending training and admistrative meetings apart from project work is far more the norm. I wonder if the “schedule” part if this software can basically to track activities from a resource availibility perspective.

  2. Project Management Tools are available ranging from individual modules to enterprise level, specialized for specific area or entire project management lifecycle management, depending upon your needs. These tools are useful because they can help you to keep track of many different aspects of project management. You can use these tools separately or as part of a larger PM software program

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