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Lock Your Android Apps With Application Safer

Previously we reviewed App Slammer, an app that locks Android app to prevent unwanted users from using them with password protection. Privacy does become a key issue when carrying a smart phone loaded with tons of application and data. You certainly don’t want your friends and family interrupting your phone’s privacy. On the contrary, Application Safer is yet another simple app with the ability to lock applications either by the usage of a unlock code or a pattern.

After installing the app, it will ask you to enter the passcode which is set as ‘hello’ by default. User Interface is neat and seamless (however some users are complaining that it is buddy). You can turn on safety by tapping on the ‘Application Safer ON/OFF’ on app’s top right corner.


Third party and default apps can be locked by a single tap on the lock icon right next to their name. Unlock mode can be set to either passcode or pattern lock via the settings. Unlock status can be set as lock every time, keep unlock status until screen off, unlock once for all apps until screen off, keep unlock status until reboot, and unlock once for all apps until reboot. Notification icon can be enabled or disabled via the same settings.

application-safer-qrAfter completing the settings, give it a try by opening a locked app on your Android. And it will ask you for a passcode or pattern unlock (whatever mode you have adjusted). It’s a simple app and does what it says.

Install Application Safer from AppBrain or scan the QR code.


  1. Nice concept but does not ‘stick’ – as soon as I wake up the phone, all phone functionality is available. I have to start Application Safer to restore the locks.

    Samsung Moment w/Android 2.1 Rooted

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