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Proxy + Privacy Browser: Anonymously Surf Blocked Websites On Android

Developed by XDA member, smart_desk, Proxy + Privacy Browser is an Android web browser that lets you access all such websites that are either blocked using a firewall, or have been banned in your country altogether. This may include several social networking and media sharing sites, entertainment-oriented sites, blogging platforms, web hosting services or virtually any website that is blocked in either just your premises, or the entire region. Apart from letting you bypass all sorts of proxy barriers, the app maintains your privacy by letting you surf the web anonymously, lets you chose the user agent to browse a device/OS-specific variant of a website, and provides you with several other customizable settings to give you a secure and liberated web browsing experience. The app sports a simple web browser interface with just a minimal set of features; however, it does its job of letting users anonymously browse blocked websites quite effectively. In doing so, the app utilizes several IP addresses as well as proxy servers to bear the amount of load that might be laid on it by worldwide users (many of whom are likely to be students).

Proxy -Privacy-Browser-Android-HomeProxy -Privacy-Browser-Android-UA-String

Provided the app is relatively new to the Play Store, one can expect it to be a rough around the edges, and a bit thin on the number of features that can be otherwise found in most mainstream web browsers. However, it does sport a homescreen interface with dedicated buttons (referred to as Quick Links) that provide you quick access to your Facebook, Yahoo and Google accounts, respectively. To surf other websites, all you need to do is feed the required (blocked) URL in the address bar provided at the top of the screen, and tap the Go button. Tapping the Settings button at the bottom of the app’s homescreen lets you select the preferred User Agent from a rather prolonged list of UA presets.

We’ve managed to put the app to test using several blocked URLs, and can confirm that it works as advertised. The browsing speed could vary depending upon the load on the proxy servers. Also, note that Proxy + Privacy Browser does not support streaming videos as of this writing. However, it could prove to be a handy tool to such users who cannot access their favorite websites due to certain limitations by their organization or the ISPs.

Download Proxy + Privacy Browser for Android

[via XDA-Developers]

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