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PS3DJB Downgrades & Jailbreaks PlayStation 3 With Android HTC HD2

PS3DJB Downgrades Jailbreaks PlayStation 3PS3DJB is a small tool for HTC HD2 (running Android) that simplifies the process of bypassing the restrictions set by the latest PlayStation 3 firmware update to downgrading its firmware and jailbreak it, using the popular PSDAndroid and PSFreedom apps.

Disclaimer: This process involves modifying the firmware of your PlayStation 3 console. Proceed at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be held responsible if you brick your console or phone.

The latest Sony PlayStation 3 firmware updates have made jailbreaking the popular gaming console impossible using currently available tools. The only way to bypass this is by downgrading your console’s firmware first. XDA-Developers forum  members Darkstone and mangahoteles have developed tools to do that using an HTC HD2 (running Android), but the process of setting up the required files on the phone was tedious, as it involved editing startup.txt, opening GScriptLite etc.

XDA-Developers forum member HackMimic has just released an app that you can install to your device while running Windows Mobile, and it will copy all the files necessary for the downgrade and jailbreak process, to your Android installation on the SD card. You can grab the installation files for PS3DJB from the links given below. To install:

  1. Download any HTC HD2 Android build of your choice and place it in a folder named ‘Android’ on the root of your storage card.
  2. Install downgradeupdater.cab to your HD2’s storage card.
  3. Install PS3DJB.cab to your HD2’s storage card.
  4. Run PS3DJB and tap ‘Setup ‘Jailbreak’ to setup your Android build for jailbreaking your PS3. Wait till the process is complete.

PS3DJB PS3 jailbreakPS3DJB PS3 Downgrade

Downgrade: To downgrade your PS3’s firmware, run ‘PS3DJB’, tap ‘Menu’ followed by ‘Instructions’ and select the downgrade instructions. Follow these step by step and you should do fine.

Jailbreak: To jailbreak your PS3, run ‘PS3DJB’, tap ‘Menu’ followed by ‘Instructions’ and select ‘Jailbreak Instructions’. Follow all the steps to successfully jailbreak your console.

For updates, help or bug reports, head over to PS3DJB’s XDA-Developers forum thread and contact the developer.

Update: The download links are dead. Visit the forum thread linked above for any potential updated links.

Download DowngradeUpdater (Link dead)

Download PS3DJB (Link dead)

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