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Pulse is an Innovative and Attractive RSS Reader for Android

While the Android Market has a load of RSS Feed readers, Pulse News Reader stands out in the way the feeds are presented to the user. The presentation is both very innovative and aesthetically pleasing. The application was originally developed by a group of coders for iOS and has now been coded for the Android Platform. The strength of Pulse is not just its graphical superiority in presentation but also its integration with different type of feeds, both custom and predefined in the app itself. We recently went through all the features of Pulse and decided to highlight a few of them for you.

Pulse gets all your RSS feeds and presents in the form of scrollable tiles, both vertically and horizontally. All the feeds from a particular source are placed horizontally with a thumbnail from the feed forming the tile along with its text placed on the tile. Further sources are cascaded below in the same way, forming a huge scrollable wall of thumbnails that you can browse through. Any tile that you tap on, brings you to the complete RSS feed, without the need for an external browser. While reading the feed, you have the options of sharing the RSS feed by Facebook, Twitter or even Text/Email the link to any of your friends. A picture, they say, is worth more than a thousand words, so have a look:

pulse pulseopen

Pulse is able to bring you feeds of all sorts which can be easily added in the ‘Manage Sources’ Tab in the Menu. The page offers you a set of options that you can choose from , namely , Featured , Browse , Search , Google Reader and Bump. As apparent from their names , the Featured Tab bring you a few selected feed by the Pulse team itself , which sheds some light on one of the most brilliant features of the app i.e. Facebook Integration ; you can get your Facebook links , Facebook Wall and Facebook Status updates integrated into the Pulse Wall of Tiles with the Profile pictures of your friends as the tile thumbnails. You can even perform basic level social networking such as reading and posting comments on the feeds.


The next three tabs offer a categorized list of sources available across the internet that you can choose from , if however the feed that you want is not mentioned already, you can search for it in and simply tap on the results to add the feed onto your Pulse Wall. Another very powerful feature of the app is its seamless integration with Google Reader. If you’re a Google Reader user, you can simply sign in through Pulse to get all your Google feeds neatly aligned on your Pulse wall as well.

category snap20110203_171304 reader


Pulse News Reader is definitely a must have application for anyone with a Android Smartphone who needs to keep up with RSS feeds while standing out from the general league of RSS readers offering only basic level of Graphical Interface. You can download it by searching for it at the Android Market, getting it via the Android Market link provided below.

Download Pulse For Android

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