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PuriClub For WP7: Add Colorful Text, Frames & Stamps To Your Photos

Windows Phone 7’s camera comes with quite a number of photo effects of its own, especially with Mango. We believe, however, there is more to photos than just changing colors or rendering them black and white. PuriClub is an app that brings a sense of completeness to the WP7 photo-editing arsenal, allowing you to add colored frames around your photos as well as custom text and picture stamps. All of this, and more, for free. At first glance, PuriClub might appear to be a bit childish, but believe us, the app can be used for a bit of serious photo editing as well. It offers photo filters, stickers and a bunch of other features that make the app a good photo editor without overly complicating controls.

PuriClubPuriClub Photo Frame

The app allows you to take photos from within itself by simply hitting the camera button at the start screen of PuriClub. Snap the photo and the app will resume after that, letting you add any effect to it. Importing photos from your phone’s Photo Hub is also supported. Let’s take a quick look at what PuriClub has to offer.

Photo Frames:

There are 13 frames to choose from, ranging from pink girlish ones to simple lined ones. Tap the paint palette at the bottom of the screen to view your options and find one that sits well with your photo.

PuriClub StampsPuriClub Stamp Collection

Picture Stamps:

You can use two kind of stamps on your photos with PuriClub. Photo stamps that come with with tiny cartoon effects, or you can create a custom text stamp in the color of your choice and use it as a stamp anywhere on the photo.

Doodling On Your Photos:

Choose a color from the palette, select the thickness of each stroke and commence doodling on top of the photo that’s currently opened for editing.

PuriClub ToolboxPuriClub Sharing

The app also supports undo and redo buttons, or if you choose to do so, you can remove the changes you have made completely. You can share the finished product to your Facebook account by publishing the edited photo to the wall using the folder button in the bottom bar.

For a free app, PuriClub is certainly worth a try, although the ads can prove to be a bit too annoying for some users. You can find it via searching the Marketplace from your phone or at the Web Marketplace link given below.

Download PuriClub

[Screenshots taken from developer]





  1. ah I wish there was a decent app like this for Android. The free alternatives in the market aren’t as good as this looks.

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