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QR Pal – QR Code Scanner With SafeScan, Support For Payments [Android]

While searching the Android Market for QR code/barcode readers, you might find multiple options but most have more or less the same set of features. QR Pal, on the other hand, adds security and slightly greater productivity to QR code scanning. While the recently reviewed QR code scanning app QR Droid 4 Beta and many other similar solutions in said genre support most of the features present in QR Pal, the latter has a definite edge over its counterparts with its safe browsing, online synchronization, rewards program and mobile payments options.

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As of now, QR Pal is available to Android users only while its variants on other platforms are still in the pipeline. You need to have valid QR Pal credentials to log into the app. Don’t have one? You can instantly set up a new QR Pal account from within the app. The app opens to a slick (iOS-like) interface with a customizable home screen displaying buttons for QR code/barcode scanner, your wallet, latest QR news and the payments page. However, home screen personalization allows you to change your home screen, enable/disable safe browsing option and toggle auto-tweet/auto post option on/off.

From the Scanner tab, you can scan QR codes/barcodes of virtually anything ranging from products, apps, music, videos, web links, texts, phone numbers, vCards, emails, calendars, maps and WiFi etc. You can set default actions (askauto-save and open or auto-save to wallet) upon scanning QR code of each entity mentioned above. For instance, you can set QR Pal to open the market links of scanned QR codes of apps. My Wallet displays all your saved scans categorically with brief info about each and contains a search bar from where you can search for specific QR codes.

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With QR Pal Payments option, you can request payments by feeding in required details such as amount, description and your PayPal email ID. Need to make a purchase? Just scan the QR code of your favorite product, provide required information and book it from your device. Currently, the app supports payments via PayPal only.

The My Account tab lets you check your account in detail as it displays all information pertaining to your login details and QR code scanning activities. You can check in-depth stats to learn about your total number of scans, QR scan rank, total scan points, total share points and total QR points earned via QR Pal Rewards program. Points are earned each time you scan a code and share your scans. These reward points ultimately help you win prizes. Also, you can update account details and change password from this screen.

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As suggested by the name, Latest QR News brings you news updates from worldwide topics based around QR codes. Finally, the Share tab lets you share your scans with online buddies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or via email and/or MMS.

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