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QuickCom: Create Templates & Tweet Them From NC [Cydia]

Twitter has become a pretty important component of iOS, especially since the release of iOS 5. Another new feature which has proved to be really useful and popular amongst iPhone users, is the Notification Center, and that is why you have many Cydia tweaks combining these two aspects of iOS. QuickCom is the latest in the line of such tweaks, and it adds a shortcut to open the “Compose Tweet” box as soon as you tap it. However, there are many other tweaks available in the Cydia store which will let you do exactly that. QuickCom differs from its competitors owing to the fact that with this tweak you can define several contexts, or templates, and each time you use the QuickCom buttons, the new tweet box will show up with the selected template text already present.

QuickCom Context QuickCom Twitter Notification Center

QuickCom appears as a standalone app icon on the Springboard of the iDevice on which it is installed. Within the Cydia app there aren’t many options, and you will find just two menus. If a Twitter account is already set up on the iPhone, it will show up in the Account section (works with multiple accounts as well). There are two ways you can choose to start your tweet, either with your Twitter handle, or with “I”. The existing templates are varied according to this choice. A few contexts already exist in QuickCom, but you can add any number of templates by simply entering the text in the text box and then hitting Add.

After a template has been chosen, the two new buttons will appear in the Notification Center (although you do have to enable QuickCom from the Notifications menu in Setting first). There are two buttons in the widget, the first one labeled tweet, opens up a tweet box which does not have any text in it, and you have to start from scratch. The ctweet button displays the template which is selected at the time, and you can tweet it as it is, or after making additions to it.

The tweak could have done a lot better in the interface department (the two big buttons look rather ugly and their labels aren’t too descriptive as well), but it does get the job done, and is sure to bring efficiency to your Twitter life. QuickCom is available as a free download at the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. So if you tweet regularly, do give it a try.

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