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QuickDesk Brings iPhone iOS Multitasking To Android Phones

It surely does take a little bit time to get into the default task switcher on your Android devices. You might have a lot of apps installed or running in the background. Default task switcher notifies you about the 6 most recent apps opened and if you want to find out more, a switch to a third party task manager would be required. In this article we will review an app which will give you a fast multitasking experience, similar to that of iOS which can be found in iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with some added features. QuickDesk, is a dashboard app which provides user with quick access to widgets and shortcuts without leaving the running app.

After installation, set QuickDesk as your home application. That can be achieved by pressing home and setting QuickDesk as default. On the top of all, if you are using third party launchers for your Android device, QuickDesk won’t interfere with them.

Quick Panel is the key feature of this app. A sliding drawer for key multitasking that lists down up to 30 recently used apps. Apps can be moved around in QuickDesk by getting into the edit mode. Edit mode can be entered using Menu-> edit from the home screen. Tweaks can be made to this app by navigating to Preferences > Behavior Settings. Actions can be set for default home, swap keys, double tap timings and favorite launcher. If you have used either iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad with iOS 4.0 and above, you will have no problem in using QuickDesk.


quickpanelqrApplication badges can provide user with an immediate information regarding the application and a uninstall button. Badges can be opened by doing a long press on any item in the Quick Panel. An indicator will appear on the bottom left of an app icon it it’s running in the background. Animations can be enabled or disabled from the preferences.

Install QuickDesk from AppBrain or scan the QR Code.

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