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QuickTweet: Post Twitter Updates From iOS Notification Center [Cydia]

Among the most publicized features of iOS 5 before it was actually released, was its Twitter integration and Notification Center, and maybe that’s the reason the iOS jailbreak community has been treated with so many Cydia tweaks related to Notification Center and tweeting. However, only a handful of those tweaks combine the two features, and QuickTweet is one of them. Using this tweak, you can compose a new tweet right from within the Notification Center and post it straightaway.


There are quite a few apps which are focused on letting iPhone users send Twitter updates quickly, like the recently covered Twicon, but most of those options are reliant upon Activator gestures, or add a whole new app icon to the Springboard. This might clutter your device’s outlook unnecessarily, and that is what gives QuickTweet the edge over its competitors. Once installed, the tweak will add a rather small, and good-looking, icon to the the NC, and tapping it will bring up a box to let you compose a new tweet. QuickTweet won’t even take up the space of a whole widget, and its icon will be added as a standalone shortcut in the bottom left of the Notification Center.

QuickTweet can prove to be a really useful tweak if you are a regular Twitter user, and you can get it for free. The tweak is available in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. There are not many tweaks which add icons to the Notification Center the way QuickTweet does, and just to check that out, it is worth a download.

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