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Quicky For iPhone Makes Creating & Sharing Shopping Lists A Snap

Shopping for household items is never easy, and no matter how hard you try, there is always that one elusive item that you are almost certain to forget. To avoid second trips to the market, it is better if you use a shopping list. Most people would prefer an electronic medium to our old friend, the paper, so why not employ your iPhone, and the impressive array of apps it has to offer? Quicky for iPhone can help you in this regard. Using this handy app, you can create shopping lists without having to type even a single word. The app makes use of predefined shopping item icons, so you just have to tap an item to add it to your list. Once you have done that, you can share the shopping list with a friend via SMS or email as well. More details after the break.

Quicky Items Quicky Shopping List Quicky SMS

To make the app convenient for users, there are distinct categories for different genres of items. Luckily, Quicky is not limited to the genres the developers of the app have chosen to add to it, as it is possible for users to create new categories at any time they want. Quicky employs color-coding in order to help the users add items to their shopping cart quickly. The colors for newly-created categories can be decided by users, too. Not only does Quicky let its users add new categories, more items can also be listed under each category.

To make a new shopping list in Quicky, simply tap the items you intend to purchase, and with that single tap, they will be added to your shopping list. The number of taps on each item decide its quantity to be logged. To view the list you just created, you can either go to the shopping cart menu by swiping to the left, or just hit the basket button in the bottom bar. The best thing about Quicky is its sharing features, and you can send your shopping list to anyone via SMS or email. The quantities you choose using Quicky’s graphical interface will automatically be transformed into numerical values before sharing the list in textual form.

Quicky runs on the iPhone, iPod touch & iPad, but is optimized for the first two only. It has gone free for a limited time, so hurry up and grab it for your iDevice by heading to the link provided below.

Download Quicky

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