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Quixby Deals: Get The Best Deals From Newegg & Woot [Windows Phone 7]

There are a handful of apps around for Windows Phone 7 that can help you get the best deals from various sources, letting you save some cash on your shopping, but won’t it be nice if you didn’t have to flip through a multitude of apps before finding something really useful? Quixby Deals is one such deal aggregator which taps into a number of sources, like Newegg and various sections of Woot, and apart from pulling out really great deals, it has a very beautiful interface as well.

Quixby Deals WP7 Quixby Deals Homepage

On the homepage of Quixby Deals, there are tiles which showcase the best deal for the day from Newegg, Woot Kids, Woot Men and a bunch of other subsections of Woot. The interface of the page is very metro, and all the tiles have a color of their own, indicating the category to which they belong. Each tile displays the photo of the discounted object, along with its name, model and new price.

Quixby Deals Deal Page Quixby Deals Details

When you tap a tile, you are taken to the deal’s dedicated page. On the main page, the particulars and a short description of the item is given. Users can order the item right from within Quixby Deals by tapping the Buy Now option. If you want to view the details and related items of the product, just swipe to the right of the screen. To pin an individual deal to your Start screen, go to the three dots menu, and choose the pin option.

Quixby Deals List Quixby Deals Settings

The best part of Quixby Deals is the live tiles it offers. This means you won’t even need to go to the app to view new deals, as the pinned live tiles will keep you up to date with what you should buy. In order to pin individual categories, go to the Settings menu in the app, and toggle on the desired live tile.

Quixby Deals is a free app, and can be really helpful for people who shop online frequently.

Download Quixby Deals

Update: Quixby Deals has been removed from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, but if you were a fan of the app, or could really use the functionality it offered, there is no real need to worry. The makers of this app have come up with Deal Flux, an app that performs essentially the same task but in a more refined manner. You can read our review of the new app by heading to this link. The review also includes the web Marketplace download link for the app.

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