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Radio X Online Internet Radio For Android

Radio X Online for Android is an all new internet Radio application developed by XDA member Ghoch. Although the application isn’t really a unique idea or something really new, but we decided to take this for a test drive. The app, in our opinion, has a pretty cool UI combining the likes of Red and Black to create a funky first impression.


The first impressive feature of this Android Internet radio application is it’s whooping list of 1900 radio stations from 104 different countries. Installing and configuring Radio X Online for Android is pretty easy, as you just have to download it from Market and then select a channel from available lists. One huge drawback of this app is that there is no background streaming once you accidently or intentionally close the application. As this is the first version of this app, so we believe that later updates will include background streaming features.

We were bumped again when we realized that there is no option to filter and toggle between radio stations based on your geographic location. But we are ready to compromise on this one because we haven’t encountered the proximity streaming feature in any other app than TuneIn Radio. One huge advantage of Radio X Online is it’s availability and compatibility for a large number of Android handsets. We downloaded and installed this App on our HTC Desire Z, Samsung Galaxy S, Google Nexus S and HTC Desire with 100 % success. 


The inners of this app aren’t very impressive as the back button doesn’t help in reverting back to previous menu. Likewise the menu button doesn’t offer any functionality and the settings tab on top only shows a single language change option. Another major issue is  filtering the radio channels according to your likes. Of course you have integrated in-app option to select a certain country and then toggle through available radio streams, but there is no filter that can segregate on bases of music genre. A good point in all these negatives is the favorite star button that can be utilized to make your own preferred radio station list.

All in all, we can’t really give this one a thumbs up with better apps like TuneIn Radio around, but as the developer is open to suggestions, we believe that later releases can make this a powerful global internet radio app for Android. You can download the app direct from Market or click here for online Market link. 

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