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RandomRingtone Automatically Changes Default Ringtone After Every 30 Minutes [WP7 Homebrew]

I am one of those people who just loathe monotony, and a small testament to that is my habit of changing my WP7’s wallpaper every day. Since I have used an Omnia 7 for a long time, and that too with a custom ROM on it, I was pleased when Dynamic Background was released (you can read that Homebrew’s complete review here). Now, if you are interested in getting an app that does something similar for ringtones, one clever developer over at the XDA forum has got the perfect solution for you. RandomRingtone is a Homebrew that automatically changes your device’s default ringtone after every 30 minutes. The app works on WP7 devices having root access, and should prove to be really handy if you have custom ringtones stored in your unlocked device.

Random Ringtone WP7 WP7 Ringtones

Note that RandomRingtone only works with custom ringtones. There are many apps through which users can download custom ringtones to their handsets (I personally use previously reviewed Free Ringtones), and they certainly make your device much more lively. So, once you have a considerable number of (or at least two) custom ringtones installed, you can start putting them to good use with RandomRingtone. The Homebrew’s interface is pretty basic. The app is designed to be one of those that aren’t meant to be run again and again; you can forget all about it once it is configured.

To set up RandomRingtone, hit the Start Agent button (this ensures that the app continues working even after you exit it), then tap Randomize, and you are done. The Homebrew will start changing your ringtone automatically after every 30 minutes. The ringtones you have assigned to specific contacts won’t be disturbed, as the app only changes the default ringtone.

RandomRingtone is available for free as of this writing. The app does have room for improvement, and although it is not a really big limitation, the Homebrew will get even better if support for stock ringtones is added. Some people might argue that if you like any of the stock tones so much, you can easily download them via a ringtone finder app, but not everyone likes to mess around with custom ringtones and for such people an update of this kind can prove to be a real blessing. You can grab the XAP file by heading to the source link provided below. The same page will provide you with further details regarding the Homebrew.

[via XDA-Developers Forum]

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