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RapidContact – Swipe To Call / Text Your Favorite Contact On iPhone

RapidContactRapidContact Settings

The apps and tweaks on iOS regarding gesture control have seen a sudden resurgence in recent weeks, as you can see from our past posts. Adding to the list of Cydia tweaks that concentrate on gestures for a variety of tasks is RapidContact, focusing on bringing gesture control for quick dialing and texting without going to the dialer screen or accessing your contacts list! The tweak is, of course, for jailbroken devices only.

Activator SettingsThe tweak doesn’t show up on your phone’s spring board as a new app. After installation, all you need to do is head over to the stock Settings app and navigate to the Extensions tab. Under the RapidContact settings you can configure this tweak according to your needs. There are two ways you can go about your business. Either toggle on the Remember Last setting or set a Fav Number. The first options makes whoever you last called (or whoever called you) your rapid contact. However, the second option lets you pick a contact to make him / her your default RapidContact.

So you have chosen the desired number but how do you access it? Download and install Activator from Cydia if you don’t already have it installed, launch Settings, select Activator from under Extensions and choose any gesture you want to associate with this tweak. Now whenever that gesture is performed, the RapidContact will pop up. Simply hit the call or text button, and you will be able to contact your favorite person without going to the messaging menu or dialer.

RapidContact is a free Cydia tweak available at the ModMyi repo.

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