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Read Any Comic Strip On Your iPhone/iPad Using ComiMix

There was a time when a lot of people waited for newspapers every morning, just to get hold of their favorite comic strip. But times have changed, and everything is going digital. Comics also took the digital route quite a while back. You can, of course, read almost any comic you want online, or you can use some app for that. But which app? If you are on Android then you can consider the Marvel Comics app we covered a few days ago, but for iOS users, ComiMix is the app for enjoying comic strips to your heart’s content. With over 100 comic feeds available in the app, ComiMix is a must-have app for all comic lovers out there.

ComiMix iPad

The app is pretty simple and doesn’t make a lot of fuss with its options, which is exactly the way a good comics app should be. You still get the essentials with the app, like sharing and saving a comic strip to your iPhone or iPad, but that does not interfere with your browsing of the titles. As soon as you launch the app, you will be sucked into the world of line drawings as comics could be pretty addictive if you have a good sense of humor. If you really find a strip particularly hilarious, you can save it to your iDevice with the download button in the top bar. You can also share a comic image via e-mail or post it to your Facebook wall.

ComiMix Comic ChoicesHowever, instead of diving straight into the app, it is better if you take a few moments to set everything up first. This means you should choose from among the extensive list of comic strips which you would like to view. Just tap the settings icon at the top of your screen and uncheck any comic you want to ignore. To navigate between the strips, just tap the right side of the screen, and you will be taken to the next image, whereas tapping left will take you to the previous title. Scrolling up and down will let you browse through the contents of the comic you are currently on.

The best thing about ComiMix (in addition to all the laughs you will get) is that it’s free! The app gets updated pretty regularly, and comes with both iPad and iPhone versions, available at the links provided below.

Download ComiMix (iPhone)

Download ComiMix (iPad)

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