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Readability Converts Webpages To Neat Documents For Reading Later [iOS]

The internet is composed largely of text. No matter on which website you go, there is bound to be at least some text. If you are on a website where the main focus is on the text, like the one you are currently visiting, it can be a bit distracting to try and read with all the excess material other than the main article. Now, there is a convenient way of converting online articles to easily readable files using the iOS app named Readability. Available for both iPhone and iPad, it acts as a reader for text-oriented webpages anywhere on the web.

Readability Browser Readability Offline List Readability Article

Readability acts as an alternative web browser for iDevices, and you can navigate to any part of the internet just like with Safari. First of all, you have to sign up for a new account in the app. Doing so requires the provision of a username, a new password and your email ID. After entering all this information, tap the create account button. Readability will take a few moments to set everything up, and once that’s over you can start browsing the web through it. To do so, go to the app’s main page and from there tap the ‘+’ button in the top bar. Here you can enter a URL, or any keyword which will be searched by the app via Google. When you have arrived at the desired page, you can choose whether you want to convert it to a readable format for online viewing or if you will prefer to read it later. Read Now will convert the page immediately, and you can start going through the contents in a distraction-free environment. Read Later does the same, but for offline viewing.

By conversion of webpages, we don’t mean that only the text on that page will be preserved. The format used by Readability gives you the article with everything removed except the text and associated images. The app’s own reader comes with some pretty good options for personalizing the whole experience. You can change the background color, text font and even the size of the text. If you add an article to your archives, you can manage it from the app’s companion desktop extension, as they are synced to the cloud. Another advantage of using Readability is the sharing options it offers. You can publish articles over Facebook, Twitter or via email, and to link all these accounts to the app you have to go to the Settings menu.

Readability is a free app, and well worth a download for the convenience and neatness it promises to bring to your life.

Download Readability

Update: The app is now available for Android as well, and here is the app’s link to Google Play Store.

Download Readability (Android)

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