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Reader2Go: Read & Manage Google Reader Feeds Even When Offline [WP7]

As a blogger, it’s a must for me to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the tech world, and there is none more useful tool for that than Google Reader. The feed aggregator is also used by people from many other fields, and is certainly one of the most useful services available on the net. Despite the large number of Google Reader users on Windows Phone 7 , the Mango platform still does not have an official client for the service. A few good third-party apps exist which offer a pretty good replacement for an official client, and Reader2Go just might be the best of this lot. You will be hard pressed to spot any feature which is available in the web version of the service but isn’t there in this app. The app also supports live tiles, and you can know all about it by heading past the break.

Reader2Go Home Reader2Go Unread

Keeping in mind the fact that users mostly go to Reader when they have to go through the unread items in their feeds, Reader2Go has a separate section for that labeled What’s new. This is the place where you will be taken to as soon as the app is launched and you set up your account. The set up requires no lengthy steps, and you just have to tap the connection button, followed by the keying in of your Google Reader credentials. The main menu of the app has options you will mostly find in the web version of the service, and there is an additional caching button on the top as well (the little arrow next to where menu is written). As soon as you tap the cache button, all the unread items will be saved for offline viewing, complete with images.

Reader2Go Feeds Reader2Go Article Reader2Go Settings

To view the items from your subscriptions you can either go to the All Items menu and read articles based on when they were published, or alternatively there is the option to scour each added source individually through the Subscriptions section. A similar menu exists for Starred Items. The most useful feature in Reader2Go is the search for feeds button, which will allow you to look for any keyword or source with a single touch. The live tile support in Reader2Go is pretty amazingly thorough, with options to set up a quiet time when the app will become dormant (for example, the hours when you are usually asleep).

Like all good Google Reader clients, Reader2Go allows you to read articles in the web version of he source as well, and you can share any post with your friends via email or over your social network. The app is available as a free download for a limited time, and you can grab it from the web Marketplace link below.

Download Reader2Go

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