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Real-Time Task Delegation, Collaboration App Taskmind Comes To Android

Taskmind is an extremely user-friendly and effective collaboration and task management web service that vows to enhance your team’s productivity by letting you delegate tasks to your subordinates, arranging appointments with them, and staying in touch with them via chat messages to accomplish various projects and assignments successfully. Using Taskmind, you can assign tasks to selected team members or the entire group that is working at some remote location, and constantly keep collaborating with them from the start to the end of a project without having to worry about lack of a proper and instant communication channel in between. With said service, you can also share important project files with the members via attachments, and request the progress of each participant via real-time text-based notes and messages. No need to waste time composing lengthy emails, or waiting for the belated replies that only contribute towards delaying your project schedules. Instead, with Taskmind, it’s all instant, organized and quite effective.

With the Taskmind mobile client for Android and iOS-powered devices, users no longer need to worry about accessing their Taskmind content on a computer. Using the mobile client, you can access and manage all the up-to-date Taskmind content right on your device. Initially released in the iTunes App Store, the official Taskmind client for Android has just recently been released in the Android Market.


Needless to say, only registered Taskmind members are authorized to use the app. In this regard, the app prompts you to to login with your valid Taskmind ID at startup. First time users can avail the in-app registration facility to get themselves a new account. Once logged in, you can start creating new tasks and appointments by tapping the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the app’s homescreen. With each new entry, you can ad brief description, schedule time, location, attendees, relevant project, tags and more.


All your updated Taskmind news (notifications), personal entries (routine as well as urgent ones), contacts and projects are also displayed on the homescreen. Tapping a contact lets you check all the activities relevant to them.


Apart from accepting or rejecting appointment offers from certain members, the app also lets you approve, disapprove, time track, hold and/or resume assignments, and provide your feedback upon completion. Tapping the History and Notes button on an assignment screen lets you check brief history of all the notes/messages that you’ve shared with an attendee.Not only does the app maintain a history log of all the conversations, but also lets you easily identify the unread messages, and mark them all as ‘read’ with a mere tap.


All in all, a truly helpful tool to keep your projects and underlying tasks running in an uninterrupted and fluent manner. However, as compared to its iOS counterpart, the Android variant of the app lacks support for sharing voice messages. Said issue is, however, ignorable, but the app’s inability to keep you apprised of any new updates via notification alerts is something that may prevent most users from lauding the positives of the app. We expect the future updates of the app to include both said features.

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